How to use ServiceNow platform system diagnostics debugger in Service Portal

Note: this is only applicable to Madrid or older ServiceNow versions. Since New York upgrade session debugging is done in a separate user friendly window.

NOW platform and Service Portal shares a lot of common utilities that are used in many places thorough the platform. For example, ACL’s, user criteria, text search are used in both parts of ServiceNow. We know we can use system diagnostics debugger tool on the platform, but what about the portal?

When we enable the debugger in the platform, at the bottom of our page,we can see what is happening under the hood of SNOW. For example, how are the database records we are trying to reach are processed, how ACL and user criteria rules were evaluated, what was the text search score for each returned item generated.

However, when we enable the debugger, this same information is not available at the bottom of our portal page.

So how do we debug platform-shared features in Service Portal?

You have to have 2 windows open. One must have Service portal opened and another one must have the platform.

  1. On platform under ‘Session debug’ select ‘Enable all’.
  2. Reload the current page you are on the portal or load any other portal page.
  3. Go back to the platform and in the filter navigator type any non existing table/UI page name and add .do in the end, for example,, or if you just want to get done with it faster something like ‘’.

That’s it. Because this ‘ isthisreal’ page does not exist, it loads debugger information of the last page that was loaded successfully, which is in our case, the Service Portal.